Re: Tales of Arete Out Now!

After an unfortunate delay last week, DriveThruRPG has approved the Tales of Arete fantasy short story collection from Rogue Blade Games.


Tales of Arete brings together new and veteran authors in the gaming industry, including Darren W. Pearce, Ian F. White, Allison Hartman Adams, Brandon Williams, and yours truly, to breathe life into the forthcoming Chronicles of Aerthe role-playing game from Rogue Blade Games.

But, Tales of Arete is for more than just gamers to enjoy. Each of these nine stories present action, intrigue, and drama suitable to any short story worth its salt.

My contribution to the Tales of Arete collection, “Uncommon Ground,” centers around the need for a prisoner and his captor to rely on each other to survive in the wilds of a hostile region.

If you missed it, check out my excerpt from “Uncommon Ground” in last week’s preview here.

If you’re interested in owning Tales of Arete and supporting authors in a worthy endeavor, the PDF is available for $4.99 here. The big guns at Rogue Blade Games are looking to release a hard copy of Tales of Arete, and when it happens, you’ll hear about it here on my blog.


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